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The Glory of UIBE School of Law in the Past Four Decades: UIBE Held the Conference on the Celebration of the 40th Anniversary of UIBE Law


In 1978, carrying the historical mission of cultivating foreign-related economic and trade legal talents for China's reform and opening up policy, the Department of Foreign Trade of UIBE established the International Business Law Teaching and Research Section and the Discipline of Law. In the past 40 years, several generations of the law school at UIBE (“UIBE Law School”) have experienced obstacles such as hurricanes but persevered through dedication and hard work. As a result, UIBE Law School has made remarkable achievements in the construction of its discipline and in establishing its unique talent cultivation model of valuing solid theory foundation.

On October 20, 2018, UIBE held a grand conference: The 40th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Discipline of Law. For this 40th anniversary, more than 70 law schools from China and abroad sent congratulatory letters, calls or gifts, including: Law School of Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, China University of Political Science and Law, East China University of Political Science and Law, Southwest University of Political Science and Law, Northwest University of Political Science and Law, Wuhan University, Xiamen University, Nankai University, Shandong University and Sichuan University, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Law Institute and International Law Institute, China Foreign Affairs University International Law department and International Law Institute, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Law School of University of Connecticut, Wake Forest University, and Comillas Pontifical University. The 1998 alumni of the UIBE Law School sent a congratulatory letter as well.


Many distinguished people attended the conference, including: Professor Zhang Wenxian, member of the Party Group, vice president of the Chinese Law Society, and director of the Academic Committee; Professor Gao Xiqing, former general manager of the China Investment Corporation; Wang Junfeng, president of the All China Lawyers Association; Zhou Youyong, deputy director of the Department of Degree Management & Postgraduate Education in the Ministry of Education; Professor Jiang Qingzhe, party chief of UIBE; and Professor Wang Jiaqiong, president of UIBE.


Overall, more than 500 people attended the conference, including: the Deans of law schools in China and overseas, alumni representatives from China and overseas, retired leaders and teachers, and faculty and student representatives of UIBE Law School attended the conference. The meeting was co-chaired by Yang Xiaoping, party secretary of UIBE and Liu You and Liu Na, UIBE Law School alumni.

(The hosts: Alumnus Liu Jian, Secretary Yang Xiaoping, Alumna Liu Na)


Wang Jiaqiong, explored in his speech the extraordinary course of the establishment of the law discipline and affirmed the outstanding achievements of UIBE Law School in the past 40 years. He hoped that UIBE Law School would adhere to China’s globalization principle and maintain inherent cohesiveness and creativity in fierce competition. He also called upon leaders and alumni to continue to pay attention to and support the reform and development of the law school.

(President Wang Jiaqiong)


Zhang Wenxian, vice president of the Chinese Law Society expressed that the reform and opening up policy set by the Third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee not only liberated the productive forces, but also had a profound impact on legal education. In keeping with the needs of the times, UIBE has achieved remarkable results with its unique professional characteristics and international vision in student training. He also hoped that UIBE Law School will further optimize the discipline setting and training structure in the future, lead and explore the future-oriented legal education model in the era of network and artificial intelligence. In this way, it can not only cultivate more high-end foreign-related legal talents for China's comprehensive opening and leading of the new global digital trade pattern, but also make more contributions to the cause of legal education in China.

(Zhang Wenxian, vice president of the Chinese Law Society)


As an outstanding representative of the alumni of UIBE, Professor Gao Xiqing recalled the process of studying law at UIBE, and especially hoped that people engaged in law should not only admire a society with the rule of law and adhere to the codes of conduct of people engaged in law, but also have sufficient awareness of the outside world and more ambitious spiritual pursuits.


(Alumni Gao Xiqing)

Wang Junfeng, chairman of the All China Lawyers Association believed that UIBE Law School adheres to the direction of applying socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the discipline orientation of cultivating outstanding foreign-related legal talents. As a result, it has developed a model valuing solid foundation, wide scope, special talent and high-end oriented discipline, which provides a model for deepening the reform of legal education. President Wang hoped that UIBE Law School will be able to cultivate more outstanding legal talents, who will play a leading role in the construction of the international legal system in the future.


(Wang Junfeng, president of China Lawyers Association)


Zhou Youyong, deputy director of the Department of Degree Management & Postgraduate Education in the Ministry of Education delivered a speech at the conference. He pointed out that the discipline of law in the new era has entered a new stage. He also expected UIBE Law School to take the dual-first-class key construction of the open economic discipline group as an opportunity to increase development in accordance with the requirements of first-class discipline construction, and to promote the rule of law and the development of legal education in China.


(Zhou Youyong, deputy director of the Department of Degree Management & Postgraduate Education)


As a representative of law schools in China, Yue Caishen, vice President of Southwest University of Political Science and Law, pointed out in his speech that the compound talent training mode of ‘law + economy and trade + foreign language’ created by UIBE Law School is an excellent example of education and training of foreign-related legal talents. He also expressed his wish that the two universities further strengthen communications and cooperation, and make more contributions to the vigorous development of China's legal undertakings.


(Yue Caishen, vice president of Southwest University of Political Science and Law)


John Smagula, assistant dean of Temple University School of Law deeply and humorously revisited his history with people at UIBE and spoke highly of the internationalized characteristics of UIBE. And he looked forward to more exchange activities between Temple University and UIBE.


(John Smagula, assistant dean of Temple University School of Law)


Then Professor Mei Xiaying and student Fun Kun delivered speeches about appreciation for the assistance of UIBE Law School.


(Professor Mei Xiaying, student Fung Kun)


During the conference, to honor the significant contribution to the establishment and development of the School of Law of UIBE, Jiang Qingzhe, party chief of UIBE presented awards to Professor Shen Sibao, Professor Wang Jun, and Professor Huang Yong.

(Jiang Qingzhe, chief party, awarded to Professor Shen Sibao, Professor Wang Jun, Professor Huang Yong)


Professor Shen Sibao delivered a speech on behalf of the awardees. He profiled the advantages and characteristics of cultivating talents at the Law School and said he would support the development of the Law School as always.


(Professor Shen Sibao)


At the donation ceremony, Jiang Qingzhe, representing the university, accepted a donation to the “Shen-Feng Legal Education Fund”, which amounts to around 6 million yuan from institutions, such as the Jindu Law Firm and the alumni. Donations from the alumni and the community plays an important role in boosting the development of legal education at UIBE.


(Donation and signature)


Finally, Shi Jingxia, the Dean of School of Law, delivered a speech. She pointed out that, the Law School bears responsibility as it takes pride in the achievements of predecessors. She expressed that with internal and external fierce competition, the issue arose how the Law School passed on its brilliant features and created more glory. She proposed that the Law School would attach more importance to introducing top teachers and enhancing the study experience of students.


(Dean Shi Jingxia)


In the second phase of the conference, the “Academic Presentation”, Jiao Jinhong, who worked at China Securities Regulation Commision, Wang Chengjie, secretary-general of China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, Professor Huang Yong of UIBE, Shen Weixing, dean of School of Law of Tsinghua University, and Gao Zicheng, chairman of Beijing Lawyers Association delivered speeches.

(from the left to right: alumni Jiao Jinhong, Secretary-General Wang Chengjie, Professor Huang Yong, Dean Shen Weixing, Chairman Gao Zicheng)


In the afternoon, more than 60 deans or deputy deans of law schools from all over China attended the “Forty Years of Reform and Opening up and Chinese Legal Education: Reform and Perfection of the Legal Courses” forum.



Professor Pan Jianfeng, dean of the School of Law of Peking University, and Professor Wang Yi, dean of the School of Law of Renmin University delivered opening speeches. Cai Yongmin, deputy dean of the graduate school of UIBE, Xiong Guangqing, deputy director of the Educational Administration Office attended the meetings. Then, the forum was divided into two groups and four parts, which focused on discipline construction, reform of legal courses, and cultivation of talents.


(Dean Pan Jianfeng, Dean Wang Yi)


Fruitful research achievements have been made in the past 40 years of UIBE Law School, which has cultivated a group of legal talents and made special contributions to the reform and opening up of China. This year is the fortieth year of the reform and opening up policy. The legal education shall live up to the requirements of law-based governance. Retrospective of the history and looking into the future, UIBE Law School will strive to make more contributions to China.